Monday, May 2, 2016

Soul Machine

     May 2, 2016


     This book starts at the beginning of the idea of the mind.  History says that Kings only had a mind and no one else could think for themselves but Kings and the Religone also got on the wagon.  So, these guys were it, which he talks about Descarte.   Descarte is the guy who brought everything down and help break up the control of the King and church which dominited the idea of mind.    they said, we know how to think which you can't..   So, breaking it down...

Reason is the goal to everything, because this is the govenor of our emtions and feelings which can drive us crazy it's the controler of everything the Reason..

     May 3, 2016

      9am   Reason, Passion and superstitions    these were the ideas that I ran into today.
      Descarte created the idea of the mind which as time goes by I run into Lock.   Lock was a physician which he was from england and he saw quakers which they pretty much talking about Descartes ideas of reason is much better then superstiions and passions.   So, you can see how Lock was a tearing bodies apart and trying to figure out where is this soul.   You need to remember that Descarte was also a Doctor who concluded that the soul was in the Pineal gland.  I remember reading  about this when I took intro psychology that the mind was in the pineal gland and that was our center, but reality it wasn't it was just the first ideas of the mind.
     Spinoza comes along, but you have to remember he introduced nature and God being one.   He was a lens maker, so he had access to the big wigs in the time.  yea, he worked for them making there glasses and stuff, but he also worked with Lock which was a doctor and cartisian which spinoza was more into natiure and God...   So, through Spinoza he realized that the ideas of consciousness which DEscarte had mind, but now we are comming to this thing consciousness.    This is the whole new rage consciousness which is here and now whcih mind lived on for ever..   Also they would get in trouble because in those days you didn't go against the establishment which was the english rule and the cathlic rule....They had this game of saying they know it all, that everyone else, just didn't get it..  Shit, I heard that before.
Breaking down the wall or the cave..   Main idea that reason gives you freedom to criticize and realize what is true..   Pssion: we can get lost in it and we will die for this
              superstion: believing in something that doesn't exist and people have died for this..
So, these guys were trying to tell us, realize you have the answer you are it..   You have REason and don't go way from that..   I think when I was growing up, that I would watch T.V. and think they knew it all, but reality was that were things they didn't know about.....  Today we have social media and I try to stay away as much as possible.  I have some great reading spots but I will not post or send pictures because in time people will do as me... so, I keep my life simple.  Love it..

             Reason: Doubt everything and Evidence and truth.   Just be real....

             Passion:  stupid ideas, false inclinations on what others are thinking and saying.  Drive you nuts wast of time...
             Superstitions: waste of time, going no where, feel good, hoping for what isn't there, just lieing to yourself looking for somethng that doesn't exist....

           Great read today...

         May 4 2016
        Today, I read more about Lock how he came to realize that ideas lead to Consciousness...  Yes, we had mind and soul, but now, Lock is leading us to a Conscious self.  That is the goal the more we realize that we are conscious for the here and now...  Lock was more an idealist and can you have these ideas spread to person to person.  He gave the example of the cabnet desk which when we are born there is nothing inside them.. Thiis the same concept as Rasta plasta blanc slate... Great read...

     May 5 2016

     Lock creates the idea of the mind which he finds conscuousness but again it all goes back to reason which is main goal..    Dr. Batties comes along which he starts treating people with Madness back in those days, but he is challenged by other Dr.  he uses Locks idea of reason to get to the route of the  problem.. He also finds sympathy which all society is held by sympathy..  You have to remember in those days Lock and Newton were already seen as rebales in the eyes of the church, they had to break some rulles..   Newton could determine a planet or know where the sun would set, but it was lock who studied people and there thinking which reason was his great discovery and Consciousness....  the identy of me, but my second identy would be Mexican and short, but those are necessary and it's just the way it os.   Mandness was the big thing in those days and figuring it was a mystery.. Good read....Learned a little more today...

     May 11 2016

     945   Today, I read about the mental hospitals back in the day of france.  They also talked about how they were treating the patients with Jean-Jacques Rousseau ideas which he used Locks Reason.   It's a matter of getting people back to nature and change their environment and diet and exercise and challenge the negative thinking.   Also sensibility was major break through because this is what we sense on the outside, the day, color of plants and seeing things as they are... Breaking that cycle of negative environment which we are sense machines and we only interpet what we see and know.   changing this the patients gets better.   Emotions were a big issue which we fall in love or think we are Gods but reality comes in and realize we aren't.. So, changing the way we think and sensibility which the brain creates new neuronetworks and break the cycle of previouse mind set or negative thinking...  Napalone comes in which they take down the kingdom kill the king and the people are now in power, but a new society of mathmatics and ideas...  Ideas was the new religion which ideas were material and they finally came to call it psychology or study of the mind.. Great read...   Changing are thinking and using reason to realize what is real and what isn't.. Criticism also helps us break through.   Facts and truth... Reason..

May 27, 2016
       Phenology was actually thought to be the new science,but this lead up to psychology...  Well, back then they determined who you were how big your head was and measurment... Main issue breaking through the idea...  You finally come to consciousness.. we are nothing but biological machines with emotions and that is what we are....

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