Monday, May 2, 2016

The Illusion of Gods Presnece

       May 2 2016

      9: 47am  Office.
     This book is really good which I am reading again.   Second read.  Just need to take my time on it.  It talks about how when we are born that we have these neuronetworks that are put down my our mother and that we know if cry she will be there, she will feed us or hold us.  Now, as we grow up we lose this and replace it with the concept of God.   So, God is the correct guy who doesn't give us any real breaks and is judgmental.   This also teaches us the diffrence from right and wrong.   Well, need more..

     May 4 2016

      2:14pm  Mem's are an important recepatation thing as I do this for you and you do this for me.   This is the Meme that we all know as the black hand or do me this favor and I will help you out.   Meme's are also part of our religion which we all believe the same thing and that we must... It's just learned behavior..
      He talked about why we believe we must suffer to have a God...  God is this all powerfull all knowing this, but are people really out of it.  Well, religion does help but again he is making the point of breaking through and realizing there isn't really anything there... Wow, that is powerfull...

so, what do I believe in?  that is the question I am having....

   May 26, 2016

    10:30am  It all comes back to the mother that is what we innate know.  It's as if as we get older we don't need the mother idea which it's replaced with a male domination and we create this God..   So, he talks about how all these religions keep refering that you need to be a child before you can be saved...So, this is something we know and praying and opening your hands.  we are like kids again looking of sensing for Mom, but we changed it for Jesus, God or Mary mother of God....   Wow, we pretty much develop this idea early in our life... Good read.... need more info..

     May 31, 2016

    4-8 Read about neuro network which is created when we are young.  we have this inner network of our mother and her smile.  So, this create a safeness for us..  Great idea and this makes sense why robots never work because we are looking for that change in biological face and that is who we are...  Great re-read understanding little by little how we are looking for something, but we need to realize that we are o.k....

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